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Lily Matienzo
El West is open 11:00A.M. to 8:00P.M. every day.
Visiting in Washington, DC take the # 42 or 43 Mt.
Pleasant Metro Bus from Downtown at Metro
Center or Farragut North  # 42 or 43 (on Connecticut
Ave., 17th St. W; 42/43 on 17th St. E) For DC Bus and
Metro Rail Routes and Bus service times are at these links
After visiting the monuments in DC, stop by Mt Pleasant
Street Shopping Mall in NW Washington DC,  You can
visit any of the fine shops in MtP or have great Eats &
Drinks at one of the fine Asian, Spanish, American,
restaurants, or a  Bakery bite.  Need cash, the Bank of
America with ATM service is a short 1 and 1/2 block
walk down Mt. Pleasant St. It is just across the Street
from Logan's Collectibles, and that shop is loaded with
two floors of old goodies.

Please click here for the Discover Mount Pleasant  Flyer
about the stores on Mt Pleasant Street N.W. The PDF
file will open on a new page.

Visit Mount Pleasant Main street for more information
about our neighborhood & events at

Please click here for Mt. Pleasant Main Street Business
directory listing all the Business on MtP St.

As you walk on Mount Pleasant St. You'll notice the
trail signs that you can learn about the history of  Mount
Pleasant by walking on the Heritage Trial when you are
visiting  our neighborhood in Washington DC, visit  the
Cultural Tourism of DC website at
click here for
ultural tourism DC information about the trail route &
Guided tours on the Heritage Trial .

For more local neighborhood news, classified ads,
Apartment Rooms for rent, and events, all so check out
Mt. Pleasant DC Forum local posts site link.
Thank you for visiting and shopping at Shopping Mall PC in DC. benefits and supports persons with a disability.
MtP is located here on DC map
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