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NATIONALHEALTH.US domain pages that don't use any of your
Private information at all.  Your click through here is tracked by a
link code with  own account ID numbers, for a
accounting of sales of  the pass through site link and it may send a
cookie from the pass through site to  be dropped on that end user's
browser for tracking of sales interests at
Typically, you may visit our Web site without informing us who you are or revealing any information about
yourself. Some sections of our sites pass trough's may ask for personal information such as name, address
and telephone number or e-mail address, and if you decline to give it to us we may be unable to fulfill your
request. We collect only the information we need to respond to you or to process your online transaction.
We do not sell, trade, rent or otherwise share personal information collected on our Web site with third

Our Web server automatically recognizes only your domain name but NOT your e-mail address.
Aggregate information that we collect (e.g., total number of page views on a given day) is used for internal
review of traffic patterns to our site. We collect your e-mail address if you communicate with us by e-mail
or otherwise voluntarily provide your e-mail address to us, and we collect other information that you

If you supply us with your e-mail address online, you may receive e-mail contact from us with information
on updates to our Web site or about special programs or events in which you might be interested. If you
prefer not to receive future email's, simply send an e-mail to "info" at  using "Please
Remove this Email Address from Mailings" as the subject heading.

We do not share personal information gathered via our Web site with other commercial entities. We may,
however, share some aggregate information (number of "hits," types of visitors, etc.) with our partner

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive.
The only cookies this site uses are for pass through sales tracking interests and are anonymous. Most
Web browsers automatically accept cookies but you can control cookies through your browser
preference settings.

Our site store directory pages are provided as a pass through to other entities, and we do not handle the
actual transactions once you've clicked through to that store entire, the store you've clicked through to,
they handle collection of needed information when you buy or sign up for there news letters from that
store entire and are then responsible for your information and Goods and services of your order.
Regarding personal information used when making a purchase, we here at will not
rent or sell your name, address, email address, credit card information or personal information to any third
party. However, we must cooperate fully should a situation arise where we are required by law or legal
process to provide information about a customer.

If you have any questions contact us by email to "info" at Or use the contact
pages below,

For more contact information see our contact pages.
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